Friday, February 8, 2013

What About Me?

I'm a big Joyce Meyer fan!  Her teaching has helped me so much during the past ten or so years to really put life in perspective and see "truth" in my circumstances that God has used to set me free from many things that hindered my life.  So, when I saw this book (What About Me?) at her conference this year, I really wanted it.  I was excited when my aunt offered to get it for my birthday.

The book is full of sayings that are sometimes common of us all and the truth that will set you free.  Here are a few from her book.

      "I'm not talking to you again until you admit you were wrong and I was right!"

       Truth - When you walk in love, you give up your right to be right.

      "All that stuff works for other people, but God doesn't know what to do with me!"

      Truth - You're no surprise to God.  He knew what He was getting when He made you.

      "I'm not confident enough to do something great for God - I don't like showing off and telling everybody how great I am."

      Truth - Real confidence is faith activated.  It is faith taking a step against fear.


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