Monday, March 11, 2013

Finances, Debt and God

One of our debts! 

In September of this past year, my husband and I felt God leading us to believe Him to be out of debt except for our home and van within one year.  At that point in time, in addition to our mortgage and van loan, we also owed on a 0% credit card, a zero turn lawnmower, a new desktop computer, and a credit line used to improve our home.  (Whew!  Looking back it seems worse than I realized!)  We were both in agreement and started believing that it was possible with God and praying for wisdom on what we needed to do in addition to believing.

In a short time, we started seeing money come in from various sources.  Knowing that God and not my husband's employer was our provider, we were believing for income in addition to what Dale received on his job.  This is what God did:
1) We received a large monetary gift.
2) Dale was able to work multiple overtime shifts.
3) Using Dave Ramsey's advice, we cashed in our whole life insurance policy and purchased a term policy.  We used the cash we received from cancelling the whole life policy to pay down debt.
4) We were contacted by the company whose pipeline runs through our property about a tree that needed to be removed.  We were compensated for the tree that they cut down.
5) Dale was provided with multiple side jobs.
6) We were able to use our tax refund to also pay off debt.

About six months after we began to believe God for the impossible, we have paid off the credit card, the lawnmower and the computer.  In the midst of that, we did once again use the 0% financing and purchase a new mattress.  After much prayer, Dale said that God told him it was fine, but he would have to work harder to pay off what we were believing to do in the year.

For years, I avoided reading anything by Dave Ramsey.  I had heard him a few times on the radio and it seemed so hard to live that way.  After purchasing our first home five years ago and going through many financial changes, we finally were ready to do things differently.

Owe nothing to anyone--except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God's law.  Romans 13:8 (NLT)

There was a time when I wouldn't dwell on this scripture.  I love the way God takes us from understanding to deeper understanding.  It often amazes me how at one point in your life you can't imagine doing something and then a few years later, you are doing what you couldn't even begin to think about years before. 

I pray that by sharing our story (more to come), you will be encouraged to let God be your provider.  Ask Him how to manage your finances and seek Him with an open mind.  He has many blessings that pour out on your life as you seek His face. 

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