Sunday, August 5, 2012

Memory Verses - How We Do It

Just for fun

Back a few months ago, I came across a printable list of verses for children to memorize.  I loved the layout!  There was one verse for every letter of the alphabet and a checkbox to complete after the verse was memorized.  I printed a sheet for Dasia and one for Dylan and hung the lists on our closet door above our chore charts.  I thought others might be interested in using it for their children.  You can print the list here.

My goal is to learn a different verse every week.  However, sometimes the verses are long and we work on them for a longer time period.  And, sometimes I forget and we do not practice the verse enough during the week.  We are currently on letter H and the kids are doing great!  Each night after we read our Bible story and another book or two, I say the verse and have each child repeat it.  During Sunday School, I ask both of them to tell me their Bible verse.  I usually have to prompt them with the first couple of words.  If they get it mostly correct, they get to pick a prize out of our prize box.  Our prize box consists of $1 items that I let them choose from Wal-Mart and Target. 

Periodically, we recite the previous verses we memorized to keep them fresh in our minds.  Notice I said "our".  This has been not only a great way for the kids to learn scripture, but for me too!

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalms 119:11

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