Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know Your Weak Areas

Do you know what causes you to stumble in your walk in God?  Are there specific areas that you would call your weaknesses?  I'm sure I have several weak areas where it is imperative that I stand firm on God's truth so that I will not be overcome by Satan.  The area that I want to share today is being overwhelmed with things to do.

This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday twice and my mom's birthday once (for a total of two birthday celebrations).  This week, the kids and I are attending/helping with Bible School at my mother-in-law's church.  That amounts to about 3 extra hours each day of activity that does not fall in our normal schedule.  Plus, we are having a little party (just Dale, the kids and I) for his birthday tonight.  Due to Bible school and our Tuesday schedule, there really isn't time for that.  We will have about an hour after Dale gets home from work to eat, have a party and get ready to leave for the church.

While this may seem normal to most people, I really can't stand it.  My weakness is maintaining my emotional control throughout the time of extreme busyness.  I could choose to avoid all extreme busy times and not attend all of these events that I feel we need to attend.  However, most of the time I really want to be involved.  I just wish everything could be more spread out.  Anyway, that's not how life works.  Since I choose to participate in the activities, then it is my responsibility to control my emotions.  (It is always our responsibility to maintain self-control, however I could have chosen to be less busy and since I did not my focus is on my response to the activities.)

Whatever your weaknesses may be, following are three steps to help you overcome with God:

1) Recognize that you are weak in this area and that God will have to be your strength.  Also recognize that Satan wants to destroy you and will do things to make your weakness even more difficult.  He often uses other people to say or do things to upset you or causes things to just not go well.

2) Stand firm on the Word of God.  Ask God to give you scripture to hold on to.  Speak the scripture out loud and often.  Here are a couple scriptures for my particular area.

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  Matthew 6:27

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.  Philippians 4:11

 3) Ask God to show you the truth about your situation.  Are you believing lies?  God can and wants to show you any lies that you are believing so that you can be set free. 

Praying this post ministers to you as you walk with God.

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