Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bible Reading Plan

Shortly after I started blogging, I began a Bible reading plan to read thru the Bible in one year.  Until about 2 weeks ago, the plan was going really well.  I was using my laptop to read the Bible at One Year Bible Online.  However, when we went on vacation, we didn't have internet access in our condo.  I didn't take time before we left to print out my reading plan and as a result, I just gave up the plan.  I did read each morning from the book of Luke while were on vacation.  But when we made it home, I gave up completely.  I hardly read anything this week.  After catching up on some apparently much needed sleep, I'm beginning to feel like my normal self once again.

My husband bought me a Kindle for Mother's Day.  So, today I found and downloaded SearchByVerse Daily Bible in One Year on my Kindle.  I think this will be much better than using my laptop.  I really like having the scripture ready to read instead of having to look up the passages and check off that I read that day's section.  So, I'm starting over!

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