Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love Life Women's Conference - Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Women's Conference 2012
 This weekend I had the AMAZING opportunity to once again attend the annual Joyce Meyer women's conference.  You can read about why I haven't been to the conference in a few years in my post here.  So, why do I love this conference?

1) I love to listen to Joyce Meyer.  She is full of Godly wisdom and she's as real as a person can be.  God has used her to teach me how to walk with God.  It is such a blessing to know that someone else has struggled and does struggle with many of things that I deal with in my own life.

2) It is a great time to focus on God without the daily routine and struggles of my normal life.  I did miss my kids and husband, but it was nice to have time to focus on listening to God. (And to have some time to share life with a few friends.)

3) I enjoy the praise and worship time.  There are a LOT of women at this conference.  It is AMAZING to see all of those people in one place focusing on our Lord!  The other thing about the worship at this conference that I really like is the declaration of the songs.  The songs that are sung include many songs where the words declare that you are victorious!  Darlene Zschech led praise and worship this year.

4) One more thing that I enjoy is hearing all the testimonies of lives that have been changed through this ministry, watching a car be given away AMAZING, learning about the outreaches of Joyce Meyer Ministries and having an opportunity to give with a purpose!

I plan on sharing some of the things that were taught at the sessions and what made the biggest impact on me during the week.

Amber (a special friend) and Kellie (my sweet cousin) who both went with me this weekend.

Me, Kellie and my Aunt Sandy riding the metro to the conference

Me and Amber

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