Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Go or Not To Go...

Love Life Women's Conference 2012
 I fully intended to write this blog post before I went to Joyce Meyer's Love Life Women's Conference 2012.  However, I didn't post anything at all last week.  Yesterday evening, I made it back home after spending Friday and most of Saturday at Joyce Meyer's annual women's conference.  It was wonderful!  But, that's my next post.  What I want to share hear is how it came about that I went to the conference.....

Before my children were born, I went several times with my aunt to Joyce Meyer's annual women's conference.  I always loved the opportunity to spend a couple days listening to Joyce, receiving a refreshing in my spirit and spending time in praise and worship.  However, after my daughter was born I told my aunt I couldn't go because I could not leave my little girl.  So, I had not attended any of the conferences in five years.

My cousin, who had never been to one of the meetings, sent me a text asking if I would go with her to this year's conference.  I thought briefly about, and told her I could not leave the kids (although I really wanted to go).  As the day wore on, I felt bad about telling her no.  A few years ago, I had really wanted her to go with us.  I felt bad because I would be stopping her from going.  Later in the day, God said to me, "Can you just trust me with you children?  And so, I decided to give it a try and go but only spend one night away from home and skip the first session. 

My cousin decided to go up the night before and I would just meet her there the next day.  I invited a friend, who after several weeks of praying and thinking (she also did not want to leave her children) decided to go.  Thank God that He encouraged us to attend!

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