Monday, September 10, 2012

The Art of Remembrance

As I read this week's challenge for the Revive Your Marriage Series that I posted about last week, I was reminded of the times in the Bible where God's people built an altar in order to remember what He had done for them.  That was a confirmation to me that the challenge this week is a good one!  Here it is....

      This week we are working on a perspective change.  Stroll down memory lane looking back at pictures from your dating years and your wedding.  Remember how and why you fell in love with your husband.  Remember the vows you made to him and commit to being the wife you vowed to be.

Memories are powerful!  Meditating on your memories whether good or bad, bring an emotional response.  So, what better way to improve your marriage than to remember how it began? 

Dale and I met at a church service for college students in 2001.  We were introduced by one of his cousins who was also hoping to do a little match making.  We were both hungry for the Lord and desired to be married to the spouse that God had prepared for us.  We spent a lot of time praying and asking God if this was His plan for us.  We both asked for God to confirm that we were on the right path.  He did!  In April 2003, we were married.  We were very blessed to have several family members offer their help with the wedding which gave us more peace that it was God's plan. 

One of my favorite things to share with others about us, is that Dale's dad's brother is married to my mom's sister.  Did you catch that?  So, we have an aunt and uncle and a few cousins that are in my husband's family and in my family!  At a family reunion on Saturday, Dale's cousin asked if my kids got to play with a certain cousin often.  After thinking a moment, I said, well, yes because he is in both families.  He's Dale's cousin and my cousin too!

As you think about your marriage this week, realize the power of remembrance.  Think about the good times and why your marriage began in the first place.

We will use these stones to build a memorial.  In the future, your children will ask, "What do these stones mean to you?"  Then you can tell them, "They remind us that the Jordan stopped flowing when the Ark of the Lord's covenant went across."  These stones will stand as a permanent memorial among the people of Israel.

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