Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Favorite Message from Love Life 2012

Love Life Joyce Meyer Conference 2012

I wanted to share my favorite message from this year's annual Joyce Meyer Women's Conference.  I loved all of the sessions that I was able to attend.  (I missed the Thursday evening session.)  However, I did have a favorite.

The message that touched me the most was Friday night when Joyce Meyer brought out a box filled with journals that she had been keeping for many years.  The journals included entries about what she was going through in her life and things she was believing God to bring forth. 

One entry that she read to us stated that she was believing God for 12 washcloths.  That was many, many years ago.  I was very encouraged as I listened to her read from the journals.  It was amazing to see where she is now and to hear details about where she used to be.  I can't quite imagine having to believe God for 12 washcloths.  But I was very delighted to hear that God had cared so much for her that He had someone take the washcloths to her house.  This person was unaware that Joyce was believing God for the washcloths.

As I was uplifted by the testimony contained in those journals, I was reminded that God uses each one our testimonies to bring glory to Him and to cause others to come to God or to increase their faith.  Don't be afraid to give God the glory and share what He has done or is doing in your life.

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