Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Party Time!

Dasia with her cousin at her 5th birthday party.
Yesterday, we celebrated Dasia and Dylan's birthdays at our house.  Their birthdays are about two weeks apart, so we just have one party complete with family and friends.  We had a great time!

Dylan taking a swing at his pinata.
Each year, getting ready for the party seems to be a big ordeal.  It was a lot of work this year too, but we seemed to be a lot more peaceful and we were ready on time.

Picking out candy from the Ariel pinata.
At first I thought maybe it was just a lot easier since the kids were a little older, but then God reminded me of our prayers.  In the evenings leading up to the party, as we prayed as a family we asked God to show us what things we needed to do before the party and keep us from overwhelming ourselves with things that weren't important.  We also prayed that everyone who came would be blessed.

Getting ready to bust balloons and see who wins.
Well, God answered our prayers!  The party was fun and I felt overwhelmed with blessings afterwards.  Dale cooked BBQ and it was great!  I was a little nervous about it because normally we just do burgers and hot dogs.  He said he could do it and he was right!

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