Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Ready for the School Year

Our Homeschool Area
As the days of summer are quickly passing by, I still have to decide what home school resources we are going to use for Dasia, who will be starting Kindergarten.  I have a few things in mind, but haven't purchased anything yet. 

However, I do have our "school space" set up and ready.  I bought a 4 ft table from Wal-Mart which adjusts in height.  It's perfect for both of my children to use.  There's just enough room for them to do their school work at the same time and room for me to squeeze in between them.  I also bought a few posters at the Dollar Tree for decoration and to help Dylan with letters and numbers.  I moved a large dry erase board from our kitchen to the area near the kids' table.  They enjoy drawing and writing on the board with dry erase crayons. 

The kids and I made a trip to Staples this past week to take advantage of the beginning of the school supply sales.  I purchased a few things for us to use and some items to use to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I love this time of year for picking up school items to give away!  The prices are great! 

Other than buying our curriculum, I think we are ready for our first home school year to begin. 

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  1. God bless you for having the desire, faith and courage to homeschool your children from the start. I really, really wish I had done so. There were times that I wanted to, but didn't go forth for all the wrong reasons.

    Although I do plan to start homeschooling my children, this year, I can't help but think how things would have been better had homeschooled from the start. Since I cannot turn back the hands of time, I will have to trust that God will redeem the time. :)

    Again, I admire you mothers of young children who are brave, strong, courageous and faithful enough to make the decision to homeschool right from the start.

    May God to continue to bless your family.... thanks for the encouraging words on your post. I was blessed by the things that I read, today.


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