Friday, July 27, 2012

Tip for Organizing a Boy's Bedroom

My favorite part of Dylan's room
After a couple Christmas's and birthdays, organizing toys for my little boy, who just turned 3, quickly became a necessity.  I'm not a fan of toy boxes unless we can keep the toys separated by type.  We do have 3 round, blue tubs from Wal-Mart that we use in place of a toy box.  Two tubs are full of cars/trucks/tractors and one tub contains costumes (swords, masks, etc.).

Storage area for his larger vehicles
My favorite storage area in Dylan's room is the one we created out of crates sold during the back to school sale at Wal-Mart.  I bought six crates last year once the prices were marked down.  I just bought three more this week at normal price, which was under $4 each.  Dylan got a few more large vehicles for his birthday so we needed some extra space.  My husband zip tied (if that's a word, ha) the crates together, horizontally and vertically.  The crates fit perfectly in Dylan's room in the small area next to his door. 
Letters we painted ourselves and signs that were bought as decorations for his birthday party
 Last year, we bought and painted the wooden letters above from Hobby Lobby.  However, the wall looked really plain.  This summer for Dylan's birthday party, I ordered the signs in the picture with his other party supplies.  The signs are a very thin plastic.  After using them for the party, I found that they looked great under his name. 

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