Thursday, May 17, 2012

Might Be Missing for a While

This might be my last post for a little over a week.  We are going to Disney World!  I'm very excited.  We've been taking family vacations every year, but I think this will be our most exciting trip.  Dale isn't excited about the drive, but I'm kind of looking forward to it.  I have a book that I'm excited to finish reading.  Dasia will probably be fine on the drive, but I'm not so sure about Dylan.  He has been known to say "Get me out of here!" on past trips when were in the van for quite a while. 

We hadn't planned to go to Disney this year, but when we started looking at our options, everything seemed to just fall into place.  You can read about our trip planning at Family Vacations on a Budget.

I just reread my first paragraph and it's obvious that I'm excited to take this trip!

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  1. Hope you have fun at Disney! New follower, hope you stop by and check out my blog.

    The Girl in the Wild West


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