Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where Did the Week Go?

The past two weeks seem to have passed by in a blur.  It wasn't that we had many extra activities to attend, but things just kept happening.  Last week, Dale worked an extra 20 hours.  Although that didn't affect our schedule that much, it did mean that I was alone with the kids 20 extra hours which does mean more work for me too.  This week, we have had lots of visitors.  We enjoy the visits!  It's just a little difficult when everyone decides to visit in the same week! 

The most frustrating part of this week, was that I had determined to get us all in bed earlier.  Instead of getting in bed earlier, it was later every night!  I think between not getting enough sleep and the feelings of chaos this week, my mind has been "overwhelmed".  I was hoping to get us on a better sleeping schedule this week because on Friday, we will be leaving for our vacation!  We are very excited, but still need to get things in order before we will be ready to leave.

On a good note, the kids had their first "pay day" yesterday when Dale got home from work.  They were excited!  Dylan did have a little trouble parting with his "tithe" money.  I really would like to get both of them a bank by Larry Burkett that has a section for "church", "saving" and "spending" money.  For now, I'm going to label their banks "saving" and "spending" and just put the tithe money in my purse to take to church each week. 

I am praying that this next week goes smoothly and we can finish up everything to get ready for our trip and rested up.

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