Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Disciplines - Week 5

It is the final week of the 5 Weeks 5 Disciplines 5 Challenges by Courtney at Women Living Well.  I'm thankful that I was a part of these challenges because it helped me in several areas.  I now have a cleaning schedule and an exercise schedule.  However, this past week I did not clean everything that I had on my schedule.  But, I was able to regroup and decide to just do it this week.  I'm trying to maintain the attitude that it is good to have schedules but I need to be able to be flexible when needed.  You can read about the past challenges here: Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

The challenge for Week 5 is:

Week 5 Challenge:
Work with eager hands this week!  Pray and ask God to give you an eager attitude all day long.  Do your work as unto the Lord.  Remember the meaning behind your work in the home – all of it added up equals a well nurtured home and family.  Research and find inspiration in magazines or on-line.  Find a woman with eager hands and learn off of her.   If all day long you have been feeding and caring for babies, listening, comforting, training, teaching, cooking and cleaning – you will be tired.  REST – guilt-free!  God does not condemn rest – he condemns laziness (2 Thess. 3:10).  (from Women Living Well)

This week as I "work" in my home, I am going to pray and ask God to bless the work of my hands, to show me what is most important and to cause the seeds of faith that are being planted in my children to grow.  Enjoy your week!


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