Sunday, May 6, 2012

Training My Children - Chore Charts

I did it!  The chore charts are on the closet door and we started using them Saturday.  Dasia is very excited because she has already decided on a toy that she would like to purchase with her "commission".  I think Dylan may not understand at this point that he is going to earn money for completing his chores. 

It may seem early to some to start paying "commission" (Dave Ramsey uses this term to replace the term "allowance".  My husband and I liked it, so that's what we are calling it. ).  My son is 2 and my daughter is 4.  For us, it seems right.  We now have a system to help us teach responsibility to our children in the area of work and money at the same time.  I believe this will also help me deal with the issue of buying toys when we are at the store.  Dasia understands that she will now have her own money that she can save up to buy something that she would really like. 

We will have the kids separate their commission into 3 categories: tithe, save, spend.  I'm still thinking about how to separate the money.  I would like to have three separate jars or banks each labeled with one of the categories above.

I expect that we will revise the chore chart after the next two weeks, but at least we have started. 

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