Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Disciplines - Too Much Facebook

It is Week 4 of the 5 Weeks 5 Disciplines 5 Challenges from Women Living Well.  So far, the first three weeks' challenges are going well for me.  Here's an update on my challenges and progress:

Week 1 - My challenge was to exercise three times per week.  Successful so far!

Week 2 - To create and follow a basic weekly cleaning schedule.  Going great!  I actually am really enjoying this schedule.  Before following it, I cleaned randomly and couldn't remember when the last time I had dusted, etc.  My tasks are broken down so that I clean something four days of the week.  I have been having both children help me and they are loving it!  Dylan is having the best time.  He loves to help clean Daddy's bathroom.

Week 3 - Read the Bible for one minute each morning before I read anything else.  I am reading the Bible for a minute each morning, but I'm not sure it is always the first thing that I read.

And on to Week 4 - Courtney's challenge this week at Women Living Well is to
Prayfully identify one unnecessary thing you can eliminate from your life.  Is there a room, cupboard or closet you need to clean out?  Clean it out this week!  If clutter is not an issue for you - maybe it’s your calender.  Is it so jam packed full with to-do’s that there’s no room for you to think and pray clearly?  Prayfully eliminate something from your calender.  Are you spending too much time on your computer, ipad or watching too much television?  Choose to limit your time this week – in exchange for some quiet moments of reflection, being in God’s word, praying or reading a mind enriching book.

After reading the above challenge, I feel that a good change for me is to monitor my time on Facebook.  I often get lost reading the daily status updates and looking at others pictures.  I know that paying attention to how much time I actually spend on Facebook will help me to make better use of my time and free up time to do other things which should be more important.  So, my goal for the week is to limit my time on Facebook that consists of reading status updates and viewing pictures to 15 minutes a day.  I have a feeling that this will free up more time than I like to admit.  Do you spend too much time on Facebook?


  1. Good morning! I found you through the GMG link-up and just wanted to let you know that I am in a very similar place as you! My husband and I actually deactivated our Facebook accounts and, honestly, it has been such an amazing way to simplify my life. Not only has it freed up much more time in my day, but my issues with comparing my life to those of others has been significantly helped. I'm sure we won't stay off of FB forever, but in this season, I am enjoying our time away from it. :)

    Thanks for sharing and letting others like myself feel not so alone! ;)

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  2. Kim, thanks for commenting and I agree that not using Facebook is a great way to simplify life. I have never been much of a tv watcher, but I was quickly caught up in Facebook. Definitely a time stealer and as you pointed out makes it very easy to be drawn in to comparing yourself to others. God Bless!


Thanks so much for sharing! I pray that you are loving your walk with God!