Sunday, April 15, 2012


My children, (see above) will be 3 and 5 this summer.  They often help me and my husband with chores around the house, but we do not have a formal system of tracking chores.  The only thing that they have to do every day is put their clothes in the hamper and clean up the toys.  I feel that it is time to help them begin to learn responsibility.  I am currently working on a list of chores that we feel would be appropriate for each of them.  So far, this is my list:
  • Put their clothes in the hamper - morning & night
  • Put away their toys 
  • Set the table for supper (with assistance)
  • Put cans in the recycling trash can
  • Help me with the laundry - spraying clothes with spray n wash and putting clothes in washer and dryer
  • Water flowers (they just think this is fun - definitely not a chore)
  • Dust with assistance
I am planning on setting up some type of chore chart with pictures and putting stickers on the chart when a chore is completed.  Do you have any other suggestions for chores for young children?

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