Sunday, April 8, 2012

Praise God Another Bill Gone!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, Dale and I had acquired three 0% interest balances that were due this summer.  I started praying in January that God would send provision to quickly pay off these balances.  As of this past week, all three balances have been paid in full.  Praise God!  I was unsure how we were going to be able to pay them all off by the expiration of the 0% financing.  But, God did it!  We prayed for wisdom to know what to do in order to pay off the balances.  We asked God for favor for the money that we needed.  The debt was paid using a partial tax refund, overtime from Dale's job, the sale of some outgrown children's clothes and the sale of a tractor that we did not need.  We both believe that by tithing, giving offerings above tithing, asking God for wisdom on giving and guidance on purchases, and believing that God is our Provider, He will make us prosperous financially.  He is a good God!

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