Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hearing God

I started what I would call really walking with God when I was 22.  I struggled with hearing God talk to me, but I definitely could hear Satan.  Almost every time that I was in the car, Satan would talk to me.  I would hear in my head, "just run off the road and then it will be over, no more troubles".  As I studied the Word by reading the Bible, reading Christian Living books and listening to teaching tapes, God's voice became stronger than Satan's.  Eventually, Satan stopped telling me to run off the road.  After listening to Satan put me down for all those years, I was surprised when I had a "good thought".  I remember being in my kitchen one morning and I thought "something good is going to happen to me".  It was strange since I had lived with bad thoughts for so long, but I was excited.  God was changing me by changing my thinking.  He would love to help you too!

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