Friday, March 16, 2012

Read Thru the Bible with Me

As I felt God leading me to start this blog, I believed that He was asking me to be very open.  I am to share what it is like for me to walk with God.  That includes the things that I do right and wrong.  That being said, I have never read all the way thru the Bible.  I also drink too much Diet Coke and eat an abnormal amount of chocolate chips!

I believe it is very important to know the Word of God.  How can you fight Satan without it?  My favorite thing to do is read Christian Living books from Joyce Meyer and other Christian authors, such as Neil Anderson and Beth Moore.  I definitely learn the Word from those books, however, it is time to finally read all the way thru the Bible.

I am going to start my reading plan today and if you want to read along with me for encouragement and support, here is the link to the plan I selected. One Year Bible OnLine  Remember, spending time in the Word is important in your walk with God.


Thanks so much for sharing! I pray that you are loving your walk with God!