Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I believe that in order for faith and dependence on God to be passed on from parents to children, it is important that the children are able to see the parent's faith.  We all know that children watch how their parents behave and hear the words they speak.  Here are a few ideas for sharing a visible faith with your children.

Pray out loud with your children.  I have found that if someone calls me asking for prayer or mentioning a need of someone else, it is a good opportunity to have Dasia and Dylan immediately pray with me.  To me, that is faith in action and something visible that the children can see.  I also try to remember to pray out loud sometimes during the day for the things God lays on my heart.

Read your Bible when the children can see you reading it. 

When the children get upset or hurt, pray with them.

Dasia noticed the scripture cards I had placed in the bathroom the other day and asked me what it was.  What a great moment to share my walk with God with her!

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