Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pee and Presents

After several hours of shopping, the kids and I went to Target looking for good deals on some birthday presents for two parties coming up in the next two weeks.  Dylan was getting very sleepy and asked for something to lay on.  I picked up a pillow and settled him in the back of the cart.  Since he took up all of the room, I put the birthday presents and other things we were going to buy under the cart.  We were headed to check out when Dylan woke up and said, "I need to pee."  I looked down at him and noticed his pants were wet, too wet to keep them on.  I didn't bring any extra clothes in with me because he hasn't been having accidents.  So, I quickly picked out a new shirt and pair of shorts and we headed to the bathroom.  I put him on the toilet, but he wasn't able to go anymore.  I thought that was odd.  I got his clothes changed and we got in line to check out.  I started to put the items on the counter and realized that some of the presents were wet, not a little wet, really wet.  I then realized why he couldn't go anymore earlier.  Pee was all over everything!  I even had to pour it out of the box of a Chuck Truck Race Set.  Oh well, at least I kept my cool and didn't get upset!  Looks like Dylan is getting a Chuck toy for his birthday now.  He's very excited about it!

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