Monday, March 5, 2012

Trouble in Sunday School

My husband pastors a very small church in the country.  As it turns out, our two children are the only ones that attend Sunday School and so, I am their teacher.  This past Sunday, we were running late to church and I noticed on the way that the children and their mommy were all just a little grouchy.  The thought crossed my mind that Satan was playing a little with us this morning.  Once we made it to our class, Dylan, who is 2 1/2, said he wanted to go see Daddy.  I told him no since Daddy was teaching the adult class.  He was not happy with my answer and as I watched him, he tightened up his fists, gritted his teeth and his whole little body shook.  I told him if he left the room, I would take away the new toy he had just received.  He climbed in his seat, but then informed me that he hated God.  Dasia, my daughter, who is 4 1/2 said, "It's ok brother, God isn't real."  I was shocked at what was transpiring and my mind was reeling as to why Dasia would say that God wasn't real.  Quickly asking God to help me, I explained to them that God was real and asked Dasia if she was saying that God wasn't real because she could not see Him.  That appeared to be her logic.  So, we discussed how you cannot see air and that it is real and we know that as we can breathe it in.  We also talked about how grandma is real but you cannot always see her unless you go to where she lives.  Dasia seemed to accept that answer and does believe that God is real, she just cannot see Him.  I'm very thankful that she was able to speak what she was thinking about and that God provided an answer when we needed it.  One of my greatest desires is to teach my children to walk with God and to watch how He chooses to use their lives to turn hearts to Jesus.

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