Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving Your Husband

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This year for Valentine's Day, I gave my husband a few ideas on some things that I would like for a present.  I suggested pajamas from Target or a purse.  I would have been happy with just some new pajamas, but he did much better than that.  He gave me a purse which he said I could exchange for a different one and some workout pants and matching shirt.  I told him I was going to exchange the purse.  He said the receipt was on my nightstand.  When I picked up the receipt the total was much more than I would have spent.  Immediately, I thought about saying something and taking some of it back.  However, God spoke to me and said that I should not say anything.  Dale had picked out the gifts and I was not to complain about the price.  And, I loved the pants and shirt that he picked out!  I chose to obey God and enjoy the gifts from my husband.  Sometimes loving your spouse can be as simple as enjoying something that they give you and not offering unnecessary opinions!


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