Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayer and Young Children

Over the past year, we have been encouraging Dasia, who is 4 1/2, to occasionally say the prayer over our meals.  She was hardly ever interested in praying before the meal until a few weeks ago.  The kids and I were at Lifeway and we found a DVD titled, "Milo, The Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray" by Max Lucado.  So, I bought it hoping they would like to watch it.  I believe that the DVD impacted at least Dasia because shortly after she had watched it, she began singing songs from the movie and started asking if she could say the prayer.  I highly recommend Max Lucado and Veggie Tales DVDs if you have young children.  The stories are wonderful to open up God's Word to not only children but mommies and daddies too.  I am very thankful for the Christian people who have produced the children's movies and the music that help so much to encourage a child's own walk with God.

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